About Us

Welcome to Terranutra, bringing herbal goodness from the earth to your homes.

We are a duly registered company based in Marikina City, Metro Manila Philippines, established in the year 2015.

Terranutra is the brainchild of a mother (the doctor), sister (the pharmacist) and daughter (master in complementary and alternative medicine) all of which are believers of Sirach 38:4-6 which says,

The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a sensible person will not hesitate to use them. Didn’t a tree once make bitter water fit to drink, so that the Lord’s power[a] might be known? He gave medical knowledge to human beings, so that we would praise him for the miracles he performs.

To help promote the God-given “medicines from the earth”, we aim to provide healthier but affordable nutritional supplements and beverages, among other environmental friendly and sustainable energy to empower people to take charge of their health and their life the natural way; to help uplift the lives of our fellowmen by providing added income opportunities for them while at the same time giving back by participating in medical missions and health awareness projects for communities.

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