Turmeric Tea Latte Recipe

After all the non-stop eating due to the holidays, its time to detox! 🙂 also since it’s been raining a lot these past few days, most of us probably have cough and colds. Why this recipe?

1) It’s simple

2) different from the usual turmeric tea

3) It can help us detox, fight cough and colds and also strengthen our immune system for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Credits to http://www.calriger.net solar facility for the venue

After all these, it’s time to Detox!


Turmeric powdered tea – get your 12in1 Turmeric tea here

Milk – evaporated, powdered, creamer or fresh milk is fine but fresh milk may make it sweeter than usual.

Cinnamon – optional for added anti-oxidant boost and flavor


1. Make Tea – mix 1-2 tbsp of turmeric tea powder with either 350ml of water or milk. In this case, we used water.

You can use milk directly and it will come out creamier. 🙂

2) Add 2-3 tbsp. Of milk in the tea

3) stir and enjoy your turmeric tea latte! Put in a tea pot to share! 🙂

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