Ultra Super Green Health Store

The healthy lifestyle has become a trend not only to the middle-aged and the seniors but surprisingly to the millenials as well.

Because of that you see health food stores popping up like mushrooms all though out the metro selling organic, natural and most especially local products in support of our local farming industry and small businesses.

To single out one store we particularly like is Ultra Super Green found in Katipunan across the big Petron station.

Their products range include:

Coffee (Terra Cafe Green Coffee) 😍

Teas (12in1 Turmeric Tea) 😍

Toothpastes (Fluoride free baking soda and smokers) 😍

Capsules (Turmeric blend, Moringa blend capsule for Lactation) 😍

Juices (Glow Berry juice) 😍

Veggie Chips 😍

Health food powders

Chili/Garlic sauces 😍

Muscovado Sugar

Ice cream

Natural Beauty products 😍

(Essential oils, creams, lippies) 😍

Re-usable napkins

Bamboo toothbrush

Cleaning agents

Liquid Castille Soap 😍

Photo above by: Clari Says

Their prices are affordable and not as expensive as other health food stores.

They conduct samples, sales, giveaways during events. They even participate in trick or treat by giving visitors treats.

What we like about the place is also the ambience. The sea green interior is calming and the way the store was designed allows shoppers to ease their way through the whole store also making all products clearly visible which is also good for their consignors.

Their staff are also friendly and accomodating, making your visit to the store one that you’d like to do so again.

As we say in Filipino.. “babalik-balikan mo.”

So when in Katipunan, make sure to drop by Ultra Super Green.

How to go there:

You like thwir fb page http://www.facebook.com/ultrasupergreen

Follow them on instagram


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