In times of Crisis

Have you ever been in a crisis before? The devastations caused by most crises is a result of lack of preparation.Personally i’ve experienced 5 straight days without electricity in our house… twice. Yes, not having electeicity is a crisis especially in this digital age where most of our communications or better yet our life is dependent on.1) It was during Typhoon Ondoy.Marikina was like a Ghost town during Ondoy. When the rest of the world have slowly recovered, we were far from recovery. When our neighboring cities had electeicity back on, we still didn’t have any also because some areas we’re still flooded and others had unpassable streets cluttered with things the typhoon destroyed. People we’re stranded in their houses, schools, centers and didn’t have enough access to food and drinking water much less clean clothes.For us we we’re fortunate enough to be exempt from

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