Why Turmeric with Black Pepper is the “Perfect Combination”

Nowadays, people hear me say “mag turmeric para di tumirik.” What exactly is in turmeric that is making it so famous? If you too are curious about that, visit https://terranutra.com/2016/07/12/teriffic-turmeric/

Now for the perfect combination of Turmeric & Black Pepper, scroll down.



Credits to: diet of life (dot) com

To make Turmeric and black pepper infusion, you can buy plain turmeric at the market, boil it and add a pinch or a dash of black pepper with ginger and honey.

If you’re eating curry, you can also put some black pepper in the mix.

For a no fuss and easy to consume turmeric and black pepper blend with other great herbs combined, you can take it in Capsule form or in tea form from https://terranutra.com.

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