Terrific Turmeric

If you look at Organic stores, native stores, etc. they either have a product that is purely Turmeric or contains Turmeric from Turmeric tea, Turmeric Capsules to Turmeric Ginger Balms, whatever the product is, Turmeric is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

To find out about the wonders of this type of ginger, click on the evidence based Benefits and Clinical Trials of Turmeric below and be amazed!

Picture above from http://www.tcmworld.com

Turmeric-Evidence-Based-Health-Benefits-and-Review-of-all-Completed-Clinical-Trials (credits to: Edward Lee USRN, President of Philippine National Association of Acupoint Practitioners for the research. FB Page: Pnaap Phil)

*check out Terranutra’s Earth’s Best Turmeric Blend Capsule, 12in1 Turmeric Tea and Turmeric Chili Balm to experience the power of Tumeric for a total wellness here 

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